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What will you learn in this Workshop?

Unlock the True Potential of YouTube Advertising

Discover the untapped potential of YouTube advertising with over 90% of people discovering new products and services through YouTube ads. Learn how to use YouTube's powerful platform to drive conversions and increase sales.

Learn to use Google Ads to Promote Your YouTube Videos for Maximum Reach

Reach thousands of potential customers in a matter of hours with Google Ads. Get step-by-step guidance to get more impressions, subscribers, and customers from your YouTube videos with ease.

Master Keyword Research to Boost Your YouTube Ad Results

Master the art of keyword research to create highly converting YouTube ads that grab the attention of your ideal audience. Increase your ad's impact and drive more sales with the right keywords.

Laser-Target Your YouTube Ads for Maximum Impact

Create highly effective YouTube ads by laser-targeting your audience using keywords, placements, and topics. Learn how to resonate with your audience and boost conversions and sales.

Learn how to write High-Converting Video Scripts that Sell

Learn how to write a high-converting and profitable script for your YouTube videos. By mastering the art of video scriptwriting, you'll be able to create videos that capture your audience's attention and drive more sales to your business.

Discover Secret YouTube Tricks and Hacks for Rapid Channel Growth

Discover insider tips and tricks used by top YouTubers and brands to rapidly grow their channels. Get more views, subscribers, and engagement on your YouTube channel with these hacks.

Elevate Your YouTube Advertising with AI-Infused Video scripts

Discover the cutting-edge techniques to use AI tools effectively in crafting compelling video scripts. Empower yourself with the ability to create engaging content that captivates your audience and drives conversions.

Stay Steps Ahead of Competitors using AI tools

Unleash the potential of AI tools to gain valuable insights into your competitors' videos and ads. Analyze their strategies, identify trends, and fine-tune your own approach to outperform them in the dynamic YouTube advertising landscape.

Amplify Your YouTube Ads ROI

Discover how to leverage AI techniques to optimize your YouTube ad campaigns for maximum impact. From precise audience targeting to strategic ad placement, empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to amplify your reach and drive unparalleled results.

Register before May 19, 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,000

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Professional YouTube Channel Checklist

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Free YouTube Ad SEO Tips

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10 Secret YouTube Hacks to 10x Your ROI

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10 Foolproof Tips to Generate Endless Video Ideas

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Workshop Notes: Your Complete Guide to YouTube Ads Success

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Register before May 19, 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,000

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Register before May 19, 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,000

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Register before May 19, 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,000

Know your mentors

Know your mentor

Mihir Shah is a Seasoned Digital Marketer and a YoutTube Ads Expert. With over 8 years of experience running Youtube ads across the globe for clients spread across industries like Ecommerce, Fashion, Hospitality, Cybersecurity, Insurance, Realestate. Mihir is also a Visiting Faculty for Digital Marketing at NMIMS, one of the prestigious B Schools in Mumbai.

After managing a whopping sum of over Rs. 100cr in ad spend and training over 500+ individuals, Mihir is all set to conduct a super valuable workshop on YouTube Ads in collaboration with Skill Nation where he will condense his 8 years of experience in these 3hrs. 

Register before May 19, 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,000

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Workshop is on Sunday, 25th June at 7 PM

It is a completely LIVE Workshop

Absolutely. It is a completely hands-on workshop where you will also get notes, reference material & assignments for your future reference.

Yes! It is a Skill Nation Certified Workshop.

No, it won’t be recorded.

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Register before May 19, 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14,000

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